Blood & Plasma Screening Portfolio

The NAT blood screening solutions portfolio provides proven performance with maximum flexibility, offering testing solutions that meet your laboratory's unique workflow. Grifols Diagnostics is your specialized global partner for infectious disease screening of donor blood.

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Procleix Assays

  • Procleix Babesia assay
  • Procleix Dengue virus assay
  • Procleix HEV assay
  • Procleix Parvo/HAV assay
  • Procleix SARS-CoV-2 Assay
  • Procleix Ultrio Elite assay
  • Procleix UltrioPlex E assay 1
  • Procleix WNV assay
  • Procleix Zika virus assay
1. In development stage. Performance characteristics have not been fully established.
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