Blood Typing Solutions

Grifols Blood Typing Solutions offers the modern blood bank a complete solution for all pretransfusion testing of patients and donor units. DG Gel 8 technology is a high-quality, sensitive, and reproducible column agglutination technology that can be paired with flexible automation options for all volumes of laboratory testing. Grifols Blood Typing Solutions can be tailored to the unique workflow of your laboratory.

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What Can Grifols Blood Typing Solutions Do For Your Lab?

  • Automate more testing and reduce reliance on manual processes
  • Easy to use DG Gel 8 portfolio and automated analyzers require less user hands-on time than other blood typing instruments
  • Assists with expanding productivity and achieving workflow efficiency resulting
    in savings
  • Allows labs to meet and exceed turnaround time goals
  • Less maintenance downtime and minimal user maintenance than other blood typing analyzers

DG Gel 8 Testing Profiles and Throughput

  • ABO/Rh
  • RhD testing
  • Antibody screen
  • Antibody identification
  • Prenatal testing
  • Newborn/NICU
  • Cord blood testing
  • Patient retyping

  • DAT IgG
  • DAT IgG/C3d 
  • Crossmatch (IgG)
  • Crossmatch (IS)
  • Rh phenotyping
  • Weak D testing
  • Kell typing
  • Antigen typing 



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