Antisera portfolio for US and Canada

Grifols extensive line of monoclonal antisera for the stection of Rh and rare antigens offer blood banks greater turnaround time and decreased workflow.

ABO & Rhesus Monoclonal Antisera
Reference Description Antibody Type Origin & Clone Presentation
210520 Anti-A (ABO1) Monoclonal Anti-A IgM murine clone 9113D10 5 x 10 mL
210521 Anti-B (ABO2) Monoclonal Anti-B IgM murine clone 9621A8 5 x 10 mL
210522 Anti-A,B (ABO3) Monoclonal IgM blend (Anti-A & Anti-AB) murine clones 9113D10, 152D12 5 x 10 mL
210525 Anti-D (RH1) IgM Monoclonal antibody Anti-D IgM human/murine clone P3X61 5 x 10 mL
210524 Anti-D (RH1) IgG Monoclonal Anti-D IgG human/murine clone HM16 5 x 10 mL
210526 Anti-D (RH1) IgM/IgG Monoclonal IgM/IgG blend human/murine clones
Anti-D IgM P3x61 a & P3x21223 B10
Anti-D IgG P3x290 and P3x35
5 x 10 mL
210527 Anti-C (RH2) Monoclonal Anti-C IgM blend human/murine clones P3X25513G8 and MS24 4 x 5 mL
210528 Anti-c (RH4) Monoclonal Anti-c IgM human/murine clone 951 4 x 5 mL
210529 Anti-E (RH3) Monoclonal Anti-E IgM human/murine clone 906 4 x 5 mL
210530 Anti-e (RH5) Monoclonal Anti-e IgM blend human/murine clones P3GD512 and MS63 4 x 5 mL
Rare Antisera
Reference Description Antibody Type Origin & Clone Presentation
210533 Anti-K (KEL1) Monoclonal Anti-K IgM human/murine clone MS56 4 x 5 mL
210531 Anti-Fya (FY1) Monoclonal Anti-Fya IgG human/murine clone DG-FYA-02 1 x 3 mL
210532 Anti-Fyb (FY2) Monoclonal Anti-Fyb IgM human/murine clone SpA264LBg1 1 x 3 mL
210534 Anti-Jka (JK1) Monoclonal Anti-Jka IgM human/murine clone P3HT7 1 x 3 mL
210535 Anti-Jkb (JK2) Monoclonal Anti-Jkb IgM human/murine clone P3.143 1 x 3 mL
210541 Anti-Lea (LE1) Monoclonal Anti-Lea IgM murine clone 13643B9 1 x 3 mL
210542 Anti-Leb (LE2) Monoclonal Anti-Leb IgM murine clone GX336 1 x 3 mL
210536 Anti-M (MNS1) Monoclonal Anti-M IgG murine clone 2514E6 1 x 3 mL
210538 Anti-S (MNS3) Monoclonal Anti-S IgG human/murine clone P3S13JS123 1 x 3 mL
210539 Anti-s (MNS4) Monoclonal Anti-s IgG human/murine clone P3YAN3 1 x 3 mL
210540 Anti-P1 (P1) Monoclonal Anti-P1 IgM murine clone 650 1 x 3 mL
Enhancing Media and Auxiliary Solutions
Reference Product   Presentation
210544 LISS (For tube technique) Low-ionic-strength phosphate buffered saline solution ready for use to prepare human red blood cell suspensions. 1 x 30 mL
210545 Papain (For tube technique) Papain, a proteolytic enzyme is used to treat human red blood cells in immunohematology. 1 x 10 mL