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Performance Data
Antibody Performance Measure Estimate of Performance 95% Confidence Interval
lgM Sensitivity 93.7% (74/79) (86.0%; 97.3%)
lgM Specificity 99.1% (225/227) (98.6%; 99.8%)
lgG Sensitivity 98.8% (82/83) (93.5%; 98.8%)
lgG Specificity 98.7% (224/227) (96.2%; 99.5%)
Kit Details
Part Number 216710
Quantity 25 tests
Method Lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay
Type Qualitative test
Isotypes lgG and lgM
Proteins Recombinant nucleocapsid and spike (S1)
Incubation time 15 minutes
Sample type Venous whole blood, serum, and plasma
Shelf life 24 months from the date of preparation
Storage 2-30℃

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