Blood Collection Bags
Product Detail Specification
Available configurations Conventional Blood Bags:
  • Simple Bag CPD-A
  • Double Bag CPD-A
  • Triple Bag CPD-A
  • Triple Bag CPD SAG-M
  • Triple Bag CPD SAG-M Top & Bottom
  • Quadruple Bag CPD-A
  • Quadruple Bag CPD SAG-M
  • Quadruple Bag CPD SAG-M Top & Bottom
Leucored Blood Bags:
  • Leucored RC
  • Leucored RC Top & Bottom
  • Leucored RC/PL
  • Leucored WB
  • Needle: 16-gauge ultra-thin wall cannula ensures maximum flow and faster blood collection and donor comfort
  • Needle guard: designed to avoid accidental needle stick injury during donation or disposal of waste product
  • Safety kit: In-line closed system for the aseptic diversion of blood for laboratory testing before blood flows into the collection Container
  • Latex free systems
  • Steam sterilization
Leucored blood bags filter types
  • The WB filter removes leukocytes, platelets, and microaggregates from whole blood. The blood is filtered before processing, which enables significant recovery of plasma and red cells, both of which are leukoreduced.
  • The PL filter removes leukocytes from platelet-rich plasma. Filtration flow stops automatically when red cells enter.
  • The RC flexible filter removes leukocytes, platelets, and microaggregates from red blood cell concentrates.

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