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Promonitor Quick IFX

Promonitor Quick IFX

Product Detail Specification
Method Quantitative rapid immunochromatography test based on lateral flow technology
Detection IFX in inflammatory bowel disease or rheumatic patients treated with the reference infliximab or the biosimilar CT-P13, SB2, or GP11111,2,3,4
Measurement range serum 1.1 - 67.1 μg/ml
Measurement range blood 1.1 - 58 μg/ml
Storage Room temperature (15-25 °C)
Certifications CE


1. Ruiz-Argüello MB, Maguregui A, Ruiz Del Agua A, Pascual-Salcedo D, Martínez-Feito A, Jurado T, Plasencia C, Balsa A, Llinares-Tello F, Rosas J, Torres N, Martínez A, Nagore D. Antibodies to infliximab in Remicade-treated rheumatic patients show identical reactivity towards biosimilars. Ann Rheum Dis. 2016 Sep;75(9):1693-1696.

2. Fiorino G, Ruiz-Argüello MB, Maguregui A, Nagore D, Correale C, Radice S, Gilardi D, Allocca M, Furfaro F, Martínez A, Danese S. Full interchangeability in regard to immunogenicity between the infliximab reference biologic and biosimilars CT-P13 and SB2 in inflammatory bowel disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2018 Feb 15;24(3):601-606.

Promonitor Quick Anti-IFX

Promonitor Quick Anti-IFX

Product Detail Specification
Method Rapid immunochromatography test
Limit of detection (LoD) 23 AU/mL (visual) 41 AU/mL for the PQreader
Interfering substances All potential interfering substances were tested at high concentration to simulate the worst case conditions. The results did not show any impact on the performance of the Promonitor Quick anti-IFX kit
Storage conditions Store at 18-25ºC. Do not freeze

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