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Triturus ELISA Table - Sample Station

Triturus ELISA
Sample Station Detail Specification
  • 92 samples per batch
  • 96 pre-dilution tubes per batch
  • 4 plates per batch
  • 8 tests per batch
  • 4 batches simultaneously
Controls + Calibrators/test Up to 14
  • 12 independent positions for reagents
  • 8 positions for sample diluents
  • Automatic calculation of required volumes
Sample identification Positive sample ID with built-in barcode reader
Barcode types Code 39, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, and Code 128
Batch verification Detectors for the presence of sample and predilution tubes, calibrator and control vials, disposable tips, and number of wells on the plate.
Disposable tips
  • 120 disposable tips for samples, controls, and calibrators
  • 32 disposable tips for reagents
  • 2 probes for sample handling
  • 2 syringes per probe (500 μL and 2500 μL)
  • Fixed needle and/or disposable tips
  • Clot detection and level sensing with both fixed needle and disposable tips

Triturus ELISA Table - Incubator

Incubator Detail Specification
Capacity 4 microtiter plates; with optional covering of the plates during incubation
Temperature Progammable from RT to 40°C
Stability ±1°C
Mixing Optional orbital shaking of the plates during incubation

Triturus ELISA Table - Washer

Washer Detail Specification
Plate washer 8 channel manifold with 2 parallel needles. Removable and autoclavable. Cross-well washing
Wash type Programmable, normal or continuous
Wash solutions
  • 4 containers for solutions (4 L each; 1.06 gal)
  • 1 built-in waste container (4 L; 1.06 gal)
  • Optional external drainage connection
  • Continuous liquid level monitoring of containers

Triturus ELISA Table - Reader

Reader Detail Specification
Capacity 1 plate reader
Reading channels Single channel for optimal inter-well reproducibility
Reading type Monochromatic and bichromatic readings
Dynamic range 0 to 3 OD
Filters 7 filter positions
Wavelengths 405, 450, 492, 550, 600, 620 nm, plus 1 free position

Triturus ELISA Table - Technical

Technical Detail Specification
(W x D x H)
105 x 72 x 87 cm (41.3 x 28.3 x 34.3 in)
Weight 120 kg (264.55 lb)
Voltage 100-120/220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 300 W
Fuses 2 x T4AL 250V, 5 x 20 mm (5 x 0.79 in)
Protection against electric shock Class I
Installation category Overvoltage category II (local level, appliances, portable equipment, etc.)
Certifications CE mark

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