DG Coagulation Controls
Name Format
DG-C1 Lyophilized
DG-C2 Lyophilized
DG-Latex Dimer Control LOW Lyophilized
DG-Latex Dimer Control HIGH Lyophilized
DG-DRVVT Control POS Lyophilized
DG-DRVVT Control NEG Lyophilized
DG-Rivaroxaban C1 Lyophilized
DG-Rivaroxaban C2 Lyophilized
DG-Dabigatran C1 Lyophilized
DG-Dabigatran C2 Lyophilized
DG Reference Plasma
Name Format
DG-Ref Lyophilized
DG-Dabigatran Reference Set Lyophilized
DG-Rivaroxaban Reference Set Lyophilized
Plasma Materials for QC and Calibrations Quality Control
Name Levels
DG-C1 Normal human plasma
DG-C2 Abnormal human plasma
DG-DDIMER Control LOW Near cut-off human plasma
DG-DDIMER Control HIGH Abnormal human plasma
Reference Plasma
Name Origin
DG-Ref Pool of 30 units of citrated human plasma selected from healthy donors

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