Automate blood separation with integrated and programmable tools.

  • Programmable presses, sealing clamps, and optical sensors
  • Icon-based user interface with color touchscreen, including animated graphics to monitor the separation process
  • Lights on all clamps and optical detector to guide the operator loading tubes
  • Option to connect hand sealer and barcode reader


Achieve high-quality blood components with a safe separation process.

  • Automatic cannula breakers to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) and hemolysis
  • Integrated splash guard to increase operator safety
  • Bi-color indicators on clamps to detect and solve any possible warning
  • Option to connect hand sealer and barcode reader


Safeguard separation data with external information systems.

  • Bidirectional data transfer between the separator and the blood bank information system to automatically set separation programs according to work list or specific rules
  • Internal memory to store up to 1000 separation procedures
  • 4 optional built-in RFID antennas to read and write data with no operator action

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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