A tool to help get the right blood to the right patient and reduce bedside transfusion errors by digitally linking the patient, samples, documents, and blood components.

  • Blood unit verification – the blood component to be transfused is checked at the transfusion service
  • Patient verification – a check is made at the bedside of the patient receiving the transfusion
  • Bedside hemovigilance – the first transfusion reaction report is sent
  • Configurable alarms – a quick alert indicates any unexpected events


Real-time monitoring of the transfusion process.

  • Real-time communication between the transfusion service and the bedside
  • Statistics, indicators and traceability reports
  • Recording of patient's vital signs and other transfusion related information
  • Electronic signature of the user who takes part in each transfusion step


Enhance transfusion procedures and introduce multi-site capability.

  • Reduce time and paperwork
  • Optimize blood usage
  • Export data to any hospital information system
  • Monitor various transfusion locations sharing the same database

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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