Product Detail Specification
Monitoring In real-time
Reporting Traceability, statistical, and other post-transfusion reports
Patient bracelet Material: Flexible and hypoallergenic with a tamper-proof plastic seal size: adjustable
Barcoding Yes on the patient bracelet, includes pre-printed barcode labels to identify the patient, samples, documents, and blood components
Labeling Patient bracelets include ready-printed numbered labels, with a unique, non-repeatable transfusion safety number
Personalization Yes, label details, numbering, and barcodes can be personalized
Scanner Yes, included to scan barcodes and register transfusion data
Handheld screen Color, touchscreen
Electronic signature Yes, required for each staff member prior to each checkpoint
Handheld connection Wi-Fi connection or the hospital's own LAN, to support continuous communication with the blood bank
Software connection Web-based application accessible from any internet connection
Data recorded All transfusion details, such as the patient blood group (confirmed at the bedside), volume transfused, patient's vital signs and any transfusion reactions
Software communication Two-way with handheld terminal and data export to blood bank management software

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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