Middleware – AESKU.LAB
Product Detail Specification
Central management Yes, of all pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical, and POCT instruments with one central connection
Automation Similar to ELISA, except solid phase uses nitrocellilose membrane
Multi-instruments connectivity Yes. HELIOS, HELMED, HELIA, Triturus, SQII, and others
Multi-site connectivity Yes
Multi-LIS connectivity Yes
User profiles Configurable based on the laboratory role
Order entry information Demographic information, barcode, order ID, patient clinical information, and test name
Search function Yes, by barcode, patient information/history, request date/ID, department, instrument, etc.
Results validation panel Yes, includes information on barcode, patient history and demographics, images (IFA or others), sample priority status, flags, alarm (linearity, pathology, delta check) etc.
TAT monitoring Yes
QC management module Yes
Real-time alarms Yes
Real-time sample/test-state monitoring Yes
Print reports Yes
Protocols Standard (ASTM, HL7) or not standard when needed
Language English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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