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We are looking forward to seeing you at the 29th Regional International Congress of the ISBT in Basel, Switzerland. Please take a moment to stop by the Grifols booth where you can learn more about the different solutions that we offer to help you work efficiently to deliver blood that is safe and compatible for patients. Our transfusion medicine portfolio includes a range of blood testing, blood typing, and blood collection solutions.
The exhibition hours are as follows:  
Sunday, June 23 18.30 – 21.00
Monday, June 24 09.00 – 16.30
Tuesday, June 25 09.00 – 16.30


Products on Display

Grifols is a recognized leader in transfusion medicine with a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to support safety from donation through transfusion.


Our blood collection products provide a safer collection procedure and a high-quality processing to produce standardized blood components.

  • High-quality conventional and in-line (Leucored) blood bag systems manufactured with advanced technology
  • Efficient and safety-focused processing devices (Fractiomatic X2 and Fractiomatic Plus 3)
  • Complete solution for cord blood collection and processing


Our Leucored blood bags have integrated a new flexible filter to improve the safety and efficiency of the leucodepleted RBC produced by our in-line systems.

  • Faster filtration time
  • Higher leucocyte removal with a residual leucocyte content less than 1,0x105/unit of RBC


Top & Bottom bag plasticized with TOTM

Leucored T&B RC with new flexible filter


Our Procleix NAT solutions deliver high-quality, fully automated, and integrated blood screening to your laboratories – from community blood centers to consolidated testing facilities around the World. With more worldwide placements than any other NAT provider, Procleix platforms screen more donors globally than any other NAT blood screening solution1.

The Procleix Panther system expands your laboratory's capabilities to anticipate the blood screening needs of today and tomorrow with a continuously growing assay menu.

Smart design

  • Release first reportable results in 3.5 hours, then 5 additional results every 5 minutes
  • Features built-in process controls for sample and results integrity


Simple operation

  • Easy-to-use fully integrated and automated system
  • User-friendly software with a task-driven touchscreen interface


Versatile capabilities

  • Continuous or batch processing
  • Random access and STAT capabilities


Procleix Panther system


Our blood typing products cover the main needs of immunohematology laboratories. They offer the right solution for each testing need and laboratory workflow with the expert support of a specialized global partner so that patients receive timely and safe transfusions.

The new DG Reader Net2: Advance to an automated experience for manual gel testing

Come and visit our booth to see the latest addition to the DG Gel System portfolio!

The Erytra Eflexis: Adaptability that fits your lab

The Erytra Eflexis is a truly flexible system that allows laboratories to select the solution that is best suited to different workflow needs and capacities.

The Erytra and Erytra Eflexis are true scalable systems that offer different throughput and capacities, while using the same reagents and sharing the equivalent software suite. Therefore you can select the solution that is best suited for your laboratory.

  • Smart
  • Flexible
  • Intuitive


Erytra system


Erytra Eflexis system

DG Gel System Connectivity Solutions

IH Middleware that supports your automation needs

  • Connect: adaptable to any Grifols IH instrumentation set-up
  • Simplify: enable lab efficiency optimizing automation and workflow
  • Secure: full traceability to secure your results via customized and integrated tools


Beyond routine products:

Advanced technologies to support the greater needs of the patient

It includes a range of products based on innovative technologies, which are designed to help you resolve complex situations. In addition we also offer the IH Center in San Marcos, a reference lab with more than 50 validated techniques, including ABO or RHD sequencing and the daratumumab neutralization assay.


An innovative card based on lateral-flow technology that enables extensive red cell typing in just a few minutes.

  • Several cards for forward ABO blood group, Rh(D), Rh phenotype, and K in only 5 minutes
  • One card profile for six rare phenotypes, including Duffy, Kidd, and Ss in only 8 minutes

MDmulticard Basic Extended Phenotype


Efficient blood group genotyping for extended matching:

  • ID CORE XT analyzes 29 polymorphisms determining 37 RBC antigens
  • ID HPA XT analyzes 13 polymorphisms determining 12 HPA systems
  • ID RHD XT analyzes 7 polymorphisms determining  RHD variants and HPA-1. Designed for the detection of relevant RhD variants
  • ID CORE CONTROL is a positive control for ID CORE XT
  • BIDS XT is the BLOODchip ID software to efficiently handle the genotyping procedure and data



1 Market data on file.

2 The DG Reader Net is CE marked in accordance with the Directive EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October on in vitro diagnostic medical devices. Product registration and availability vary by country. To know whether the DG Reader Net system is available for sale in your country, please contact your local Grifols representative.

ID CORE XT, ID HPA XT, ID RHD XT, BIDS XT, and ID CORE CONTROL comply with the Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on in vitro diagnostic medical devices. CE mark certification.

ID CORE XT, ID CORE CONTROL are sold in the US as IVD (FDA).

ID HPA XT and ID RHD XT are sold in the US for research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product registration and availability vary by country. Ask your local Grifols representative for more information or contact us here.


The Gricode hemovigilance system is a tool that offers real time patient monitoring supporting safety and providing traceability and efficiency throughout the blood transfusion process.

Gricode is a flexible, easy-to-use system that offers:


  • Connectivity: Error-free linking between the patient, samples, documents, and blood components
  • Blood unit verification: The blood component to be transfused is checked at the transfusion service
  • Patient verification: A check is made at the bedside of the patient receiving the transfusion
  • Bedside hemovigilance: The first transfusion reaction report is sent electronically



  • Real-time communication between the transfusion service and the bedside
  • Statistics, indicators, and traceability reports
  • Recording of patient's vital signs and other transfusion-related information
  • Electronic signature for every user in each transfusion step



  • Reduction of time and paperwork
  • Blood usage optimization
  • Bidirectional communication with any hospital information system
  • Management of electronic transfusion requests
  • Multi-site capability to monitor various transfusion locations sharing the same database

Gricode system


Scientific Corner

Grifols is committed to research and development supporting scientific initiatives.

Our Scientific Corner is the Grifols knowledge hub to discuss scientific topics in transfusion medicine.

In the Scientific Corner you will have the opportunity to explore scientific and educational materials developed by Grifols in the transfusion medicine field and access digital copies of those of interest.

Come and find out what is new with:

  • Hepatitis E virus
  • Anti-CD38 and other monoclonal antibodies