Genetic testing to predict response to therapies and disease prognosis.


Cytochrome P450 2D6 participates in the breakdown of many drugs including anti-psychotics, analgesics, and cardiovascular drugs.

  • CYP2D6 polymorphisms can produce poor metabolizers for patients enrolled in these treatments
  • Identification of patient CYP2D6 genotypes can help clinicians individualize drug treatment by selecting appropriate therapies
  • Our test can aid physicians in determining therapeutic strategies for drugs metabolized by the CYP2D6 gene, as the test detects a panel of nucleotide variants, including gene rearrangements associated with the deletion (*5) and duplication genotypes

Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Evaluation of the Risk of AD by APOE Genotyping.

  • APOE genotyping can help in the diagnosis of probable late onset Alzheimer's disease (AD) in symptomatic adults. Tests can indicate whether there is an increased risk of AD. If a person has dementia, the presence of APOE e4 may increase the likelihood that the dementia is due to AD.
  • The assay may be ordered as an adjunct test when an individual has symptoms of progressive dementia, such as decreasing intellectual ability, language, and speech skills, memory loss, and personality and behavioral changes that are starting to interfere with daily living.

High Quality

Rely on thorough results with a high-quality service.

  • Tests performed with Sanger Sequencing for APOE and FDA-approved Luminex (reg symbol) for CYP2D6
  • Supported by a large number of peer-reviewed articles
  • Testing performed by qualified personnel in an accredited laboratory
  • Analysis for blood or DNA samples
  • Complete report detailing results and reference values

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