Automatically perform all stages of hemostasis testing with sample entry flexibility and fully random access.

  • Equipped with primary tube cap-piercing compatible with major CTAD tube suppliers
  • Combine primary closed tubes, pediatric tubes, open tubes, and micro-tubes without adaptors
  • Random access to routine and special tests
  • Test hemostasis parameters by means of clotting, chromogenic, and immunoturbidimetric methods
  • Connect several Q Analyzers to manage all results through a single workstation


Obtain the first results quickly with uninterrupted routine panels.

  • Reduced time to first result – <3 min for PT/INR and <5 min for PT/APTT
  • Simple and open programming of tests and reagents from third parties
  • Ready-to-use routine reagents in liquid form
  • Single, exclusive sample tube holder with no need for adapters
  • Continuously loading sample tubes, including emergency/STAT for greater autonomy
  • Optimizes use of reagents with no need for adaptors
  • Refrigerated area for samples and reagents

High Capacity

Optimize the execution of test profiles with precision and accuracy.

  • Capacity of 60 citrated sample tubes or secondary sample containers
  • Reagents in 30 positions
  • Highest autonomy including 400 tests with continuous loading of cuvettes
  • Throughput of 200 PT/h


Eliminate errors in the identification and treatment of the sample and reagents.

  • Identify positive sample and reagents automatically with internal barcode reader
  • Detect correct aspiration in real-time with automatic detection of air bubbles and obstructions
  • Expose abnormalities in the measuring and/or results with warnings in the reading algorithms (problems of linearity, turbidity, weak reactions, etc.)
  • Program quality control policies (Levey-Jennings charts, multiple statistical rules)
  • Two-way interface with ASTM protocol (LIS-compatible)


Q Cells
DG Fluid A
DG Fluid B
DG Clean Q
Q Waste Tray
Q Vials
Q Sample Holder

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