Clotting Assays Thromboplastin Reagents
Prothrombin Time (PT) DG-PT RecombiLIQ
Tissue factor source Human recombinant
ISI 1.0 (approximate)
Reference interval 10.2-13.6 s
Insensitivity to heparin (UFH and LWWH) Insensitive up to 2.0 IU/mL
Sensitivity to factors
  • FII (45 IU/dL)
  • FV (59 IU/dL)
  • FVII (62 IU/dL)
  • FX (59 IU/dL)
Format Ready-to-use liquid
Open vial stability (2-8°C) 3 months
Cephalin Reagents
Cephalin source Synthetic phospholipids
Activator Ellagic acid
Reference interval 20.1-31.7 s
Sensitivity to factors
  • FVIII (53.5 IU/dL)
  • FIX (34 IU/dL)
  • FXI (51 IU/dL)
  • FXII (25 IU/dL)
Sensitivity to unfractionated heparin (UFH) ≥0.15 IU/mL
Sensitivity to LA Strong sensitivity
Format Ready-to-use liquid
Open vial stability (2-8°C) 1 month
Thrombin Reagents
Common Pathway DG-FIB L Human
Thrombin source Human
Thrombin concentration 50 IU/mL (approximate)
Intended use Functional Fibrinogen determination (Clauss method)
  • Insensitive below
  • UFH ≤1.0 IU/mL
  • LMWH ≤1.5 IU/mL
    Reference interval 150-400 mg/dL
    Linearity interval 60-840 mg/dL
    Format Ready-to-use liquid
    Open vial stability (2-8°C) 6 months
    Immunological Assays DDimer
    DDimer DG-Latex DDimer
    Reagent source Polystyrene microparticles coated with monoclonal antibodies specific for DDimer
    Measurement range 145-3000 ng/mL DDU without rerun
    • 197 ng/mL DDU
    • Sensitivity: 97%
    • NPV: 99%
    • Specificity: 62%
    • PPV: 41%
    • AUC: 0.91
    Format Ready-to-use liquid
    Open vial stability (2-8°C) 1 month

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