Walk-away capability

The SQII has an ultra-compact design with high throughput and full walk-away capability for quick and easy processing.

  • Simultaneously process up to two 96-well microplates
  • Process up to 4 different AESKULISA assays simultaneously without reagent transfer (AESKULISA rack)

Convenient rack

The SQII is programmed and adapted to run all AESKULISA test kits.*

  • Uses the same test procedure and common reagents
  • Eliminates the need to transfer reagents into new unlabeled vials
  • Saves hands-on time and consumable costs by combining the SQII ELISA processor with the AESKULISA tests kits – automation and efficiency are improved
  • Includes a standard rack to fully automate most ELISA kits

Intuitive software

The easy-to-use software has a simulation process that allows rapid automation integration into the lab.

  • Flexible open system that allows programming of most ELISA applications using the assay writer
  • Drag-and-drop icons help to easily create each protocol step
  • Timeline and simulator show exactly where the process is and displays the remaining time
  • Provides warning notifications when an action is required, plus integrated self-diagnostics
  • Electronic signature pipetting (ESP) software provides in-process verification of critical fluid and sample transfer

*The AESKULISA test kits are developed and manufactured by AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS.

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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