Please check below for our recently launched assays for biological drug monitoring!

Biological Drug Monitoring Tests
  • TDMonitor Infliximab
  • TDMonitor Adalimumab
  • TDMonitor Vedolizumab
  • TDMonitor Ustekinumab (RUO)
  • TDMonitor Golimumab (RUO)
  • TDMonitor Etanercept (RUO)
  • TDMonitor Rituximab (RUO)
  • TDMonitor Tocilizumab (RUO)
FH Genetic Testing
  • FH Index Case - 5 Genes by Sanger
  • FH Index Case - 5 Genes by Sanger
  • FH LDLR Gene by MLPA (RUO)
  • FH Family Case by Sanger
  • FH Index Case - 5 Genes by NGS
  • FH STAP1 Gene by NGS
  • FH LIPA Gene by NGS
  • FH Polygenic 12 SNPs
  • Statins Intolerance
Other Genetic Testing
  • CYP2D6 Genetic Testing
  • APOEex04 Genetic Testing

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