Our testing services are offered through physicians and other health care professionals. If you are a patient interested in Grifols testing services, please refer to your physician. 
You only need to follow 3 easy steps to test your samples for immunohematology assays or clinical diagnostics:
  • 1. Request your welcome packet

    You can request your welcome documents packet by simply sending an e-mail to ihc@grifols.com to request the documents needed to set up a new account for testing services. The appropriate forms will be sent to you via email.

  • 2. Create your account

    Complete the forms we send you and return PDFs of the completed documents to ihc@grifols.com.
    Once your account has been created, we will send you the test order forms and instructions for shipping samples. 

  • 3. Order your tests

    For customers in the U.S. and Canada, follow the instructions for shipping samples we sent you or visit each test instructions at Test Menu on this website. Grifols offers pre-labeled, pre-paid sample shippers for blood and DNA samples. Please send us an email to customer service at DxSCMCustomer.Service@grifols.com to request your shippers. Test results will be sent to you by encrypted email. If you have any further questions, call or e-mail us using the contact information provided on the results form.

    For customers outside of the U.S. and Canada, please contact your local Grifols representative for detailed instructions

Note: We accept SST™ tubes and shipping material not provided by Grifols Clinical Laboratory as long as instructions for collection, labeling, and shipping are followed. This service is currently available for biological drug monitoring assays in the US. For other tests, we can receive samples from you directly at our lab. Please follow instructions for sample collection, storage and delivery for each test at Test Menu. Requisition forms can be found in the requisition forms tab.
For other countries, please contact your Grifols representative or please contact us at infolab@grifols.com for any further questions.

  • 1. Request your Grifols sample collection kit

    If you are sending a sample for the first time, contact Grifols customer service to set up your account

    888-244-7667, select 4



    Once your account has been created, request Grifols sample collection kit online

    Visit http://spectrapath.grifols.com, enter the credentials you received during registration, and

    order the sample collection kit. Expect your kit to arrive in 1 to 5 business days and store kit at room temperature.


  • 2. Collect your sample and prepare for shipping

    Collect sample

    • Collect 5 to 7 mL of peripheral blood from patient in BD Vacutainer® SST™ serum tubes.
    • Rotate SST™ tubes 5 times (five inversions) to mix clot activator with blood.
    • Place SST™ tubes upright and let stand undisturbed for a minimum 30 minutes at room temperature.
    • Centrifuge at room temperature at a speed of 1000 to 1300 RCF for 10 minutes in a swinging bucket centrifuge, or for 15 minutes in a fixed-angle centrifuge.
    • Observe separation of the serum (2 mL serum is recommended).


    Complete requisition form

    • Complete all sections of the Requisition Form.
    • Keep one copy for your records.


    Label tube(s)

    • Print patient ID labels.
    • Label SST™ serum tube with one patient ID label per tube.
    • Dispose of remaining label.
    • Prepare for shipping or refrigerate overnight.
    • Serum is stable for 48 hours at room temperature or 7 days if refrigerated.


  • 3. Ship your sample to the Grifols Clinical Laboratory
    • Insert each SST™ tube in a separate biohazard bag with its own patient ID label and requisition form
    • Place the biohazard bag(s) and the gel pack inside the box provided (multiple bags can fit)
    • Secure the box inside the return envelope (clinical pak)
    • Seal the envelope and schedule a FedEx pick-up
  • 4. Access your patient test report

    The test report is sent to the address provided in the Requisition Form by encrypted email. An online portal for patients and clinicians will be released soon.

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.