Easy to Use

Simplify workflow with minimal dispensing steps.

  • Very few reagents required
  • Limited operator interaction


Optimize laboratory productivity by automating testing processes.

  • Different methodologies available – clotting, chromogenic, and immuno-latex
  • Easy to automate (Q System or Triturus)


Detect potential thrombosis with a complete line of kits

  • Antithrombin activity
  • Heparin concentration, UHF and LMWH
  • Protein C activity
  • Direct FXa inhibitors (Rivaroxaban) concentration
  • APC resistance Factor V Leiden
  • Protein S Activity
  • Lupus Anticoagulant screening
  • Lupus Anticoagulant confirmatory
  • Direct thrombin inhibitors (Dabigatran) concentration

Cost Effective

Maximize lab resources with robust reagents and automated management.

  • Optimized reagent management (in Q Analyzers)
  • Robust reagents
  • Extended open vial stability (on board and at 2-8ºC)

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