Line Blots - AESKUBLOT Table

Line Blots - AESKUBLOT
Product Detail Specification
Assay Membrane-bound enzyme immunoassay (line-immunoassay, immunoblot)
Kit components
  • 24 color-coded test strips
  • Sample wash buffer
  • Conjugate
  • Substrate (TMB)
  • Tweezers, incubation tray, reference strip, and evaluation template

Line Blots - AESKUBLOT Table - Kits

Kit Description Test per Kit Conjugate
ANA-12 Pro 24 IgG
ANA-17 Pro 24 IgG
Vasculitis Pro 24 IgG
Myositis Pro 24 IgG
Liver Pro 24 IgG
Gastro Pro 24 IgA/IgG

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