Biological drug monitoring

Get key information about drug bioavailability and immunogenicity in patients being treated for chronic inflammatory diseases and other indications.

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Biological Drug Monitoring

For patients managing chronic inflammatory diseases and other indications with biological therapies, insight into drug availability and immunogenicity are vital for ensuring the proper dose and therapy. We offer a wide range of tests as both ELISA assays and monotests to empower clinical decision-making and fit any laboratory workflow.

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Our suite of Promonitor tests facilitates efficient, accurate bioavailability and immunogenicity testing at the industry-leading standard of Grifols quality. Available assays include IFX, Anti-IFX, ADL, Anti-ADL, RTX, Anti-RTX, ETN, Anti-ETN, GLM, Anti-GLM, VDZ, Anti-VDZ, UTK, and Anti-UTK. Our easy-to-use ELISA assays require minimal hands-on time and can be configured for automated testing to increase efficiency further. Preloaded, high-quality monotests offer the ease of automation and the assurance of traceability. Bioavailability and immunogenicity tests can be run simultaneously in a benchtop analyzer with a minimal footprint. Learn more about Elisa Assays.


Whatever your laboratory’s needs, we have a solution to enable you to deliver the high-quality results providers rely on to deliver the highest caliber of care to their patients.