Dec 1, 2022

New Grifols Digital Technical Library

Grifols is working to build new tools to assist and improve the efficiency of our team when assisting you. Because we want to contribute to the laboratory operational efficiency, this new platform streamlines lab operations by simplifying the documentation management process.

The Grifols Technical Library is a digital portal of technical information and documentation for all Grifols diagnostic products that provides new, useful features and benefits for users.

The digital documents include: User Manuals, Customer Technical Bulletins, Certificates of Analysis, Safety Data Sheets, Instructions for Use, and Antigenic Tables, among others. The portal presents a new dedicated section for electronic Instructions for Use (IFU) of all reagents in IH, NAT, and CDx, a global project that will remove paper IFU from kit boxes. With this step, Grifols shows respect for the environment.