Our comprehensive autoimmune disease portfolio is stocked with hardware and assay options to meet the needs of any laboratory using any workflow.

Laboratory cell culturing at the safety cabinet


With protocols ranging from low-touch manual to fully automated and a complete suite of IFA, ELISA, and line blot assays, we will construct the right solution to meet your needs and enhance your throughput.

Our hardware

Our range of hardware options for autoimmune disease testing is composed to meet the needs of any laboratory workflow. From low-touch manual testing solutions, to automated incubation and preparation, to fully automated analysis, you will find a solution tailored to your needs. Increasing the efficiency of your autoimmune disease testing has never been easier, and every solution is backed by an industry-leading standard of quality. Designed with operational efficiency in mind, these instruments will enhance your delivery of high-quality results with the staff you have today.

HELIOS Automated System for IFA

An all-in-one system that provides automation for the entire immunofluorescence process from start to finish.

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HELIOS HTC Automated System for IFA

The humidity and temperature control (HTC) regulate and control IFA temperature and humidity.

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HELMED Automated System for IFA

Automate IFA processing and incubate slides from room temperature to 45ºC with this immunofluorescence open system for both infectious serology and autoimmunity slides.

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HELIA Automated System for immunoblot testing

Total immunoblot automation from primary sample tube to result interpretation.

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Whatever the needs of your laboratory—detecting autoantibodies in human serum, IFA or ELISA, conducting autoimmune profile testing—we present a family of assays to increase your efficiency and deliver the high-quality results you rely on. Formulated for long shelf life and designed to use common reagents and protocols, you will reduce costs while assuring that your laboratory remains equipped for any testing need whether you use manuel testing or an automated solution.


The AESKUSLIDES IFA product line detects autoantibodies in human serum with a complete panel of cell and tissue slides designed for lab automation compatibility.

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The ELISA assays are part of our AESKULISA product line, which includes a wide range of standardized ELISA tests for all major autoimmune disease groups from routine to research applications.

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Line Blots – AESKUBLOT

The AESKUBLOT test line includes a variety of different immunoblots for efficient profile testing of autoimmune and infectious diseases.

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Drawing of a computer with HERA software

Our software

Our highly flexible software solution offers fully connectivity and result management. Whatever your laboratory may need, HERA is the perfect gateway between analyzers and the LIS to help you automate and standardize your lab processes, reducing human error and improving overall work quality.