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Access a wider menu of diagnostic testing and support clinical trials with the resources you already have with Grifols.

Grifols on your side

Grifols on your side

Adding new complex tests, esoteric testing, and supporting new clinical services means your already thinly spread resources are getting stretched even further. Now, you can lean on ours. Having a specialist laboratory testing and consultation partner is no longer a luxury, it’s an essential. When you partner with Grifols and access Laboratory Services, our expertise and consultancy become the resource you lean on today and rely on tomorrow.

Our labs

Extended testing is available at two world-class Grifols laboratories.

Grifols Laboratory Solutions San Marcos, TX USA

Our expertise in molecular and serological immunohematology means when you choose Grifols Laboratory Solutions you have access to more than reference lab testing. The team at Grifols Laboratory Solutions CLIA, CAP, and AABB accredited lab are the experts you need by your side for testing, consultation and integrated solutions.

Grifols Laboratory Solutions San Marcos, TX USA

Available solutions:

Molecular Testing

Extend your testing beyond serology and overcome mAB therapy interference. With Bloodchip and sanger sequencing technology, our innovative team of immunohematology experts support you with full molecular testing of ABO and extended antibody and platelet analysis. Just collect the sample, drop it into a shipping kit and we will take care of it from there.

Serology Testing

Whether you need more resources for weak D testing, managing blood grouping discrepancies or extending antibody identification we have the resources to enhance your testing. Our rapid turnaround time with results delivered by encrypted email or secure portal mean that you can just label the tubes and drop them into a shipping kit for extended testing.

Clinical Trial Support

As human therapies become more complex so do their effect on patient management. Whether you are developing therapeutics or studying therapeutic protocols, your expertise doesn't need to be blood group drug interference because ours is. With customized services for biotech and academic researchers, we have the expertise to make your trial’s lab testing simple.

Grifols Progenika Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory Derio, Spain

Our specialized testing services for complex, esoteric testing or testing to support new clinical services, mean that when you choose Grifols you are choosing more than just a reference lab. Whether you are interested in testing for personalized medicine or creating individualized treatment plans, our testing services will advance your testing menu beyond the routine.

Grifols Progenika Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory Derio, Spain

Available solutions:


When a patient’s immune system turns against itself, they rely on you to see the full biological picture. For analysis of antibodies against drugs or quantifying plasma drug levels, we have the suite of tests to predict development and clinical response.


Extend testing beyond routine serology by leveraging our innovative lab. Our technology and team of experts are your resource for molecular and serological testing of blood group and platelet analysis.  We have the resources to take your immunohematology to the next level.

Cardiovascular, pulmonary and hepatic services

Detecting underlying genetic causes of cardiovascular, pulmonary and hepatic disease can make the difference in a patient’s life so having a specialist testing and consultation partner is essential.  When you are investigating Autosomal Dominant Hypercholesterolemia or alpha 1 antytrypsin deficiency our specialized testing makes it simple.

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