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From delivering and installing lab equipment to providing customized solutions to help optimize productivity, we offer a range of service solutions that go above and beyond the basics.

How can we help?

Discover how Synevo Laboratory in Wolomin, Poland is able to overcome challenges with the assistance of Grifols technical support team.

Anna Nowacka, manager of the immunohematology department, uses Grifols BTS instrumentation at the laboratory where they perform tests 24 hours a day for hospital patients, private patients and external contractors. The Grifols technical support team provides immediate and efficient support, and can resolve some issues remotely with the Secure Remote Connectivity tool. If a site visit is required, remote diagnosis means that spare parts can be ordered ahead of time so that the laboratory can resume testing at peak capacity a full day sooner.

Our solutions for you

Installation & LIS connectivity

Following the purchase, our team will be on-site to deliver the instruments and move them to the designated location. In addition, our experts will assist you in connecting the new instrument to your LIS system.

Workflow analysis

By analyzing your testing routines and economic needs, Technical Application Specialists from our team can suggest, and help you set up, new workflows to increase the efficiency and productivity of your lab.

Grifols Secure Remote Connectivity

The Secure Remote Connectivity tool enables access for our team to remotely diagnose and repair your instruments quickly and securely.  We will maximize the uptime of your instruments to ensure that you can deliver test results on time.

Preventive maintenance

Our expert engineers will perform preventive maintenance to help you avoid equipment issues before they occur. Regular, scheduled, and routine maintenance of equipment, instrumentation and assets that involve cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments help to keep everything running smoothly and prevent costly unplanned downtime

Lab relocation service

If you need to move your lab to a new location, our team will be on-site to support you. Installation will be completed as in any new laboratory set up, including qualification of the systems by means of tests, and a service report including all activities.