Our Story

For more than a century, scientific innovation has been the cornerstone of Grifols.

More Than a Century of Scientific Innovation

This is the story of a proud family business that is now a global leader in diagnostics.

Our roots trace back to Spain in 1909 when our founder, Dr. Josep Antoni Grifols i Roig, established the first clinical analysis laboratory in Barcelona. Two decades on, he designed a safer method to conduct blood transfusions and store them temporarily. A big breakthrough came in 1951, when his son Victor Grifols i Lucas developed the revolutionary plasmapheresis technique to obtain and process plasma for transfusion, the gold standard still used globally today.

From there, our innovations in diagnostics expanded to include the robust transfusion medicine, testing services and clinical diagnostic portfolios we currently offer.


First Cloning and Sequencing of the HIV Genome

Chiron (now Grifols) was the first to clone and sequence the HIV genome, which was essential in the diagnosis and treatment of AIDS. This discovery led to the start of blood screening as we know it today. The result is a safer blood supply as we screen for a variety of viruses with our Procleix assay portfolio.


Hepatitis C Discovery *

Chiron scientists discovered and published the hepatitis C virus, enabling a new generation of tests and treatments. This discovery is represented by our Procleix assay portfolio, which contains a comprehensive menu of assays within the current NAT offering.

* 2020 Medicine Nobel Prize to Sir Michael Houghton et al.


Launch of the Diana Processor

The pioneering spirit of Grifols is further demonstrated in the fully automated gel column agglutination technique utilized with the Diana processor. Automating the lab routine of pretransfusion tests improved the speed, standardization, and safety of transfusion diagnostics.


First-Generation Gel Cards

Grifols created an entire system that features column agglutination technology (CAT) for patient and donor blood typing. The DG Gel system supports achieving safer transfusion and improved outcomes for patients. One card format, multiple profiles, same great performance.


Launch of the Wadiana Processor

The next generation of the Diana processor, the Wadiana, incorporated the centrifuging process and the reading of results into a single instrument, utilizing software to reduce the risk of human error.


Second-Generation Gel Cards

DG Gel cards are the original 8-column gel cards featuring column agglutination technology (CAT) for blood group typing and investigating unexpected antibodies. Grifols has a comprehensive portfolio of reagents meeting laboratory requirements.


Launch of Erytra

Grifols launched this immunohematology autoanalyzer for high-throughput DG Gel processing. The Erytra is a fully automated, high-capacity solution for performing pretransfusion compatibility testing.


Launch of Procleix Panther System

Grifols launched a fully automated instrument with versatility and smart operations for efficient NAT processing of blood and plasma. The Procleix Panther system brought a compact footprint and continuous loading and release of test results to the market.


Launch of Zika Assay to Ensure Blood Supply

Demonstrating our ability to respond to urgent public health crises, the Zika assay was developed. The assay increases the safety and availability of the blood supply for patients in need.


Launch of Erytra Eflexis

This fully automated, mid-size analyzer performs pretransfusion compatibility testing with DG Gel technology. It is flexible to provide periodic updates, expanding laboratory capabilities.


ID Core XT Test Kit Receives FDA Approval

The ID Core XT Test Kit for molecular red blood cell typing offers the shortest time for reportable results for hospitals, reference labs, and blood centers. It's a CE-marked system that efficiently analyzes 37 antigens of 10 blood group systems and helps minimize the alloimmunization risk in blood transfusions.


Launch of Procleix Panther ART System

The Procleix Panther system features automation ready technology (ART), which supports labs in their movement toward next-level workflow automation. The Panther ART is designed to allow donor screening labs to optimize variable workflow needs.


Launch of SARS-CoV-2 Assay

Grifols responded quickly to the global pandemic by enhancing the detection of SARS-CoV-2 through diagnostic and screening tests.


Launch of Babesia & UltrioPlex E Assays

These assays ensure safer blood screening for transfusion needs. The Procleix Babesia assay detects four species of Babesia, and the Procleix UltrioPlex E is a unique NAT assay that detects HEV, HIV-1, HIV-2, HCV, and HBV.


Launch of Plasmodium Assay

Engaging donors while ensuring blood safety can leave many countries experiencing a shortfall between blood requirements and blood supply. The Procleix Plasmodium assay is the first CE-marked automated NAT screening assay that detects five species of Plasmodium.