Plasma screening

As innovators in plasma medicine we know that our industry-leading products make plasma screening efficient and effective to provide patients with increased safety.

Lab worker holding blood plasma samples

Innovative & flexible plasma solutions

 Using our experience in plasma-derived products manufacturing and donor screening, Grifols has developed innovative plasma testing solutions to streamline the workflow of plasma screening laboratories.

Procleix samples

Procleix assays

Procleix assays expand your blood screening with a comprehensive NAT assay portfolio.

Procleix hardware

No matter what your lab needs we have the perfect Procleix System to automate your workflow and grow with you.

Procleix Panther System Featuring ART

Optimize your workflow through superior customization with easy, scalable options that transform the way your lab works as your needs evolve.

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Procleix Panther System

A comprehensive NAT screening solution in a very compact footprint to optimize your throughput and minimize waste.

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Procleix Xpress System

Pooling and archiving is easier than ever so that you can quickly process and store whatever volume your lab may require.

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Procleix software

Prioritize patient care with software that simplifies and automates your daily operations.

Procleix NAT Manager

NAT Manager compiles all results from pooling and NAT screening. It simplifies results reporting and release of testing results to LIS.

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Bloodstream software

Bloodstream Software is a tool that connects you to your donor screening laboratory to help expedite results, getting blood products to patients faster.

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