Donor screening

Despite challenges like emerging infectious threats, shortages, and budget constraints, precise and efficient testing are essential for a secure global blood supply.

Procleix Panther samples

Efficiency and excellence in every test

Understanding your budget and space constraints, our scalable instruments enhance efficiency by reducing storage, consumables, and instruments. 

  • Procleix assays tackle emerging infectious diseases, and simplify multi-infection testing, minimizing delays
  • NAT testing expedites blood delivery, easing shortages. 
  • Our laboratory software streamlines operations through integration maximizing your resources 
  • Excellent service keeps your lab running smoothly

Together, we elevate blood safety and patient care standards in a dedicated partnership.

Pioneers in transfusion medicine

Our systems maximize your testing by giving you the best throughput per square meter of any system in donor screening.

Whole blood

Offering whole blood screening solutions with advanced technology supporting both safety and quality of blood supply while streamlining operations.

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Plasma screening

As innovators in plasma medicine we know that our industry-leading products make plasma screening efficient and effective to provide patients with the safety they deserve.

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Tissue & organ

Tissue & organ screening are more advanced than ever before. As an industry leading provider, Grifols is a a partner that you can trust.

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