Who We Are

Grifols is a leading global healthcare company founded in Barcelona in 1909 that develops and provides plasma-derived medicines and other innovative biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic solutions to enable millions of patients around the world to lead more productive lives. The company provides its innovative healthcare solutions and services in more than 110 countries and regions.

More about our diagnostic solutions

More about our diagnostic solutions

With a history of innovation and patients at the center, Grifols is a global leader in transfusion medicine and a pioneer in disease detection and laboratory operations management. Simply put, our business is to protect the people who rely on blood products. Our unique, proven diagnostic solutions overcome laboratory challenges and improve transfusion safety to ensure blood compatibility and the detection of potential pathogens from infectious diseases in the donors of blood, plasma and tissue, while simplifying laboratory operations.

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We also provide a growing portfolio of specialized clinical diagnostics centered on select therapeutic areas, detection of and treatment monitoring for infectious, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. Grifols delivers clinical analysis and laboratory testing tools for hospital pharmacies and healthcare professionals to deliver expert medical care. As part of our broader sustainability story, our diagnostic solutions incorporate wide-ranging efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, such as paper reduction, packaging optimization and recycling, as well as continuing to implement eco-designs for new instruments.

Diagnostic at a glance


Years of innovating in diagnostics


Donations screened every minute with a Procleix® assay

36 M+

Blood donations tested per year with our products

Transfusion medicine

  • Detection of infectious agents in blood or plasma donations through NAT technology (nucleic acid amplification technique)
  • Supply antigens for immunoassay reagents
  • Provide instrumentation and assays for blood typing and antibody detection
  • Molecular techniques for determining blood group genotyping of donors and patients

Clinical diagnostics

  • We offer immunological diagnostics of infectious and autoimmune diseases using ELISA techniques via antigen-antibody reactions
  • We also provide personalized medicine to monitor patients receiving biologic therapies

Testing services

  • The Clinical Laboratory provides specialized testing to physicians and laboratories in different therapeutic areas
  • The Immunohematology Center offers testing, consulting and education for transfusion medicine professionals