Solve the puzzle of autoimmune disease with the help of high-quality ELISA test kits. Stock the widest available range of standardized ELISA tests for all major autoimmune disease groups and streamline operations with quick and easy installation and training, all in one system.

Main benefits


Get high clinical correlation with excellent antigen source available (recombinant or native) and that offers a long shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.


Run operations quickly and easily with the choice of running the kit as qualitative or quantitative with common reagents and protocols that can be easily automated and have compatible components.

Broad Range

Test for all major autoimmune disease groups including rheumatology, gastroenterology, thrombosis, vasculitis, hepatology, diabetes, thyroid autoimmunity, hemostasis, and lyme disease.


The test kits are developed with the ''ONE'' AESKU concept meaning there is one protocol, one predilution ratio, one buffer system one substrate, one stop solution, one plate frame, one calibrator range and one cut off.

More conjugates

Work effeciently with multiple conjugates included per kit for important routine markers like Cardiolipin, B2GP-1, and RF as well as for specialized tests like Serine or Phosphatidic acid.

Product specifications

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