In this day and age there is a constant threat of different types of cyberattacks, particularly in healthcare given the highly sensitive nature of data.

The risks of cyberattacks

The risks of cyberattacks

From malware and fishing to DDoS and other attempts to infiltrate IT infrastructure, sensitive information is at greater risk than ever before. Clinical data and other medical information are prime targets for hackers.

We are ISO 27001 certified, which is the highest level of accreditation for data security, in the post-market interventions through our professional team of Commercial Technical Support.

Our focus is simple — be there for you so you can deliver reliable results on time and provide peace of mind.

Our solutions are made with cybersecurity in mind

Our solutions are made with cybersecurity in mind

When we develop solutions for your laboratory, cybersecurity is one of our highest priorities to make it harder for attackers to compromise your system. Grifols provides solutions that enable laboratory professionals to focus on high-quality patient care.

Network segregation

An enabled firewall in our systems isolates your instrument from the network, allowing only configured input and output data streams.

Malware detection protection

In our diagnostic systems, whitelisting applications block malware attacks and helps assure system integrity.

Confidentiality in transit

Connections and communications across information systems may be encrypted to help ensure that transmitted data remains secure.

User access controls

Access control policies ensure that authorized users have access only to the data they need for their work.

Secure Remote Connectivity

Grifols SRC technology is proven to offer high security. We establish an extra layer of security by avoiding any physical foothold on your network, which is often required by standard VPN support connections.

Security Updates

Grifols is committed to assessing security updates meticulously before release, aiming to not impact performance, including updates related to off-the-shelf software.

ISAO Membership

We manage your data security as if it were ours, which is why we are an active member of MedISAO, a community of medical device companies that shares information for better tools to offset threats.

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