Proactive genotyping (FDA Approved)

Improve outcomes, patient experience and drive efficiency at a lower cost in patients receiving monoclonal antibody therapy and cruise through complex Hematologic Malignancies, Hemoglobinopathies, and Sickle Cell Disease testing with BGG Navigator.

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Optimize patient care with BGG Navigator

Unite oncology, transfusion medicine, and pharmacy with a simple proactive blood group genotyping test. For oncology patients with anemia, hematologic malignancies and other choronic conditions, there's no alternative to lifesaving blood transfusions. With BGG Navigator, send your samples to the Grifols Laboratory Solutions for a simple proactive blood group genotyping test that improves confidence for less.

Infographic of proactive pretransfusion testing with BGG navigator

Proactive pretransfusion testing with BGG navigator

Maneuver through pretransfusion testing and interference of monoclonal antibody therapies with ease and address the challenges of delivering optimal patient care for patients that need you most with a single test we perform for patients treated with anti-CD38/47 prior to, or after therapy has been initiated.

One test, better outcomes

Rethink how you manage pretransfusion testing with monoclonal antibody interference.

Improve outcomes

Specimens collected in the outpatient setting tested with BGG Navigator optimize integration of patient care plans and allow you to comply with FDA warnings, CMS molecular testing guidelines and AABB and ASH standard of care directives.

Improve patient experience

Improve patient/donor matching and quality of life by potentially reducing the frequency of transfusion. BGG Navigator will most likely only be ordered once in a patient’s lifetime and can be performed at any time during therapy.

Improve provider experience

Sending samples to the Grifols Laboratory is easy and efficient and reduces the risk of ordering errors and duplication.

Lower testing costs

Proactive ordering of molecular testing in outpatient setting is a covered benefit for Medicare, Medicare Advantage and most commercial health plans.  BGG Navigator will most likely be ordered only once in a patient’s lifetime and could offer a cost saving alternative to unrecoverable serology testing costs, labor, and instrumentation.

Implement BGG Navigator

Follow these four easy steps for successful implementation at your institution.

Add to Patient Care Plan (EHR)

Unite the care team, removing the financial impact on oncology care models and improve patient safety.

Proactive order in the outpatient setting

Reduce the risk of therapeutic delays and drive cost reductions for providers, hospitals and patients.

Send samples to Grifols laboratory

Rapid turnaround with actionable results improves the clinician and patient experience.

Simultaneous reporting and result repository

Test results populate the EHR, while web-based access provides data portability for providers and patients.

Intended use: Proactive utilization of the assay for pretreatment with monoclonal antibody therapies (mAB) (CD38/47) or other interfering agents, prospective antigen matching for multiply transfused patients with hemoglobinopathies (eg, sickle cell), and serological testing complications due to prospective or recent transfusion and/or autoantibodies. BGG Navigator testing provides a single efficient multiplex test to determine the blood group antigen profile of a patient either before treatment begins or even after anti-CD38/47 therapy has been initiated.

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