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Bloodstream Software is a middleware that provides a single-point management for the nucleic acid testing (NAT) laboratory, ensuring the right test is being done on the right sample at the right time, providing powerful connectivity and real-time response, and resulting in less waste, fewer mistakes, and less rework.

High-Level Architecture

Increased lab productivity and operational efficiency adopting secure bidirectional communication protocols and modern software architecture

  • Fewer touchpoints with remote monitoring of instrument status from one location
  • Enables orders to be received from LIS and sent to instruments; early detection of errors; and continuous release of results to the LIS after review and approval
  • Minimal user intervention
  • Browser-based platform with improved cybersecurity measures

NAT Lab Management Hub

Manage the entire NAT lab workflow

  • Real-time information on sample and instrument status
  • Automate workflow process with real-time monitoring and continuous results review and release
  • Traceability of lab history database, reagent management, and records management
  • Data management helps make valuable decisions to achieve lab objectives

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