HELMED Overview


Reduce operator steps and spend 48% less time on IFA processing than when using a 1 needle (16 slide capacity) instrument.

  • Load and run the HELMED in 5 minutes instead of spending 1 hour on manual IFA processing
  • 3 independent needles increase processing speed and improve results
  • 3 independent rings increase processing speed and reduce arm movement

High Capacity

Maximize throughput with HELMED's reagent capacity and practicability.

  • Automate up to 20 slides and 4 different tests per run with 4 different substrates
  • Combine several reagent racks in the outer ring, each with a capacity of up to 16 reagent bottles
  • Fit AESKUSLIDES reagents, calibrators, and control vials directly into their corresponding positions


Eliminate transcription errors with a built-in barcode reader and LIS communication.

  • Automate detection and scanning of sample tube ID
  • Ensure correct patient IDs
  • No transcription required


Ensure operator consistency with complete automation of all IFA processing steps.

  • Standardized IFA processing prevents human operator errors
  • Screening and titration with patient work list
  • Time-controlled counterstain and mounting medium addition (validated with the AESKUSLIDES mounting medium)
  • Flexible protocol programming

Small Footprint

Maximize lab space in a single compact area

  • One system with multiple options – capability to perform IFA, ELISA, and blot techniques in the same instrument

Helmed Box

Diagnostics Disclaimer

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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