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Available Kit Configurations
  Conjugate Slides Kits
Antibody Substrate   IgG IgA Ig Polyvalent 5 Well 10 Well 12 Well 50 Tests 100 Tests 120 Tests
ANA HEp-2   X         X     X
nDNA Chrithidia luciliae   X       X     X  
ANCA Granulocytes Ethanol X         X     X
Formalin X         X     X
AMA/ASMA/APCA Double tissue KS Mouse X   X X X   X X  
Rat X   X X X   X X  
AMA/ASMA/APCA Triple tissue LKS Mouse (separated) X   X X X   X X  
Rat (separated) X   X X     X    
Rat (wrapped) X   X X     X    
EMA Primate oesophagus IgA   X   X X   X X  
IgG X     X X   X X  

Diagnostics Disclaimer

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