Broad quantification range

Empowering clinical decisions.

  • Chorus compares results with a stored calibration curve and gives final result in µg/ml (for IFX and ADL)
  • With 1 device, you can analyze the same sample at 2 dilutions simultaneously
  • No repetition for additional dilutions
  • Chorus Promonitor provides better treatment management for the patient


Compatible tests.

  • All Chorus Promonitor kits can be run simultaneously (either drug assays or anti-drug antibody assays)
  • Integrated testing in a single platform for several specialties, with autoimmunity (including calprotectin) and infectious disease tests
  • Small footprint

High Quality

Promonitor quality testing.

  • Based on Promonitor reagents
  • Refer to WHO reference standard for Chorus Promonitor IFX and Chorus Promonitor ADL

Improved Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

Ready-to-use mono-test device.

  • Each device contains all the reagents needed to perform one test
  • The calibrator and control are included with the kit, ready to use
  • Option to run different tests simultaneously

Improved Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

Minimal hands-on time.

  • User only needs to load serum into the device or directly place the primary tube into the Autosampler and insert the device into the instrument

Improved Efficiency and Ease-of-Use


  • Each device is identified by a barcode label, which is read by the instrument through its internal barcode reader. Software crosslinks barcode read-out, sample ID, and programmed tests, avoiding mismatches
  • Instrument has bi-directional interfacing

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