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Process tests quickly while saving lab time and space.

  • Process up to 30 different tests per run
  • First results in 21 minutes
  • All accessories and reagents are integrated into the compact benchtop instrument
  • No hidden costs
  • No waste of reagents

Ready to Use

Minimize manipulation with monotest devices containing ready-to-use reagents.

  • Pipette serum samples to the respective devices
  • Insert the device into the instrument and press "run"
  • Barcode label automatically programs ready-to-use reagents
  • No hidden costs or reagent waste


Create different test combinations in random access or batch mode with an instrument that adjusts to the lab's routine.

  • Combine any variety of test in the same run for different parameters and different samples
  • Choose the preferred routine for each run by batching samples or running them separately


Accurately monitor testing and enable traceability with integrated safeguards.

  • Level sensors and sample addition monitoring (SAM) enable the accurate pipetting of samples and reagents
  • The identi-system barcode concept reduces the risk of traceability errors


Test for infectious diseases and/or autoimmune diseases in the same run with dedicated testing devices.

  • Wide portfolio for infectious diseases and autoimmunity

Chorus Trio Instrument & Assays

Monotest Instrument
Monotest Assays

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