Prioritize the way you work

Optimize variable workflow needs via superior customization with easy, scalable options* that help transform the way labs work as lab needs evolve.

  • Accelerate start-up time – fast, intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Increase hands-off time – on-demand access to waste management, universal fluids replacement, and sample loading
  • Improve turnaround time – continuous loading and testing
  • Achieve greater throughput – more flexibility for planning variable workflows and peak loads while saving valuable floor space
  • Spend less time – plan your routine by choosing when the system should start, prime itself, perform maintenance, or calibrate, even during off hours

    * Refer to Procleix Panther system featuring ART operator manual.

Innovative Optional Components

Add at any time to meet present or future needs, without compromising quality and performance.

  • Remote dashboard – an at-a-glance view for real-time run status to help prioritize activities
  • Data sharing – connect up to 16 systems for data sharing and remote oversight to help eliminate, duplicate samples, partial kit processing and potential errors
  • MTU expansion module – expand capacity up to 600 tests and increase walkaway time (12+ hours)
  • Direct-to-drain waste management – automatically dispose* of liquid waste at any time without interrupting routine
  • Sample shuttle module – connect to industry-standard track to balance workloads and reduce sample touch points

    * Where allowed by local regulations

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline lab workflow with continuous testing and release of results, true STAT for priority samples, 24-hour calibration, and no end-of-run controls.

  • Fast installation time
  • Short training period (3 days)
  • Programmable system maintenance during off hours
  • Real-time inventory of reagents and consumable material
  • Only 2 planned operator interactions – to load additional samples and/or consumables – for every 8 hours of operation

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