Ease of use

Minimize the learning curve with a product that works simply and simply works.

  • Quick installation – easy installation helps optimize labor resources and overall efficiency
  • Simple operation – software-driven workflows require very little training
  • Low maintenance

True Efficiency

Improve productivity for high-volume testing demand.

  • Highly efficient testing – first result in 3.5 hours; up to 109 results every hour thereafter
  • Less hands-on time – on average, 1 minute hands-on time per hour
  • More overall productivity – only 1 operator needed on up to 3 systems

Space Saving

Maximize limited lab space with concentrated power and space-saving convenience.

  • Compact for more testing in less space
  • Facility-friendly
  • Enables system redundancy

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.