Examine antigen profiles that show the real results of typing red blood cells from donors.

  • Fully rely on the indications shown in the table with no presumptive determinations

High Quality

Deliver certainty to patients with high-quality reagent red blood cells.

  • Grifols has a proven track record for producing high quality reagent red blood cells 3% and 5%


Ensure the lab has a constant supply of reagent red blood cells in perfect condition for use, at all times.

  • Panels are stable for a minimum of 35 days after delivery when stored at 2-8ºC


Simplify ordering, logistics, and paperwork with the help of Grifols customer service and after-sale technical support.

  • Benefit from all Grifols areas of expertise
  • One point of contact for all DG Gel system inquiries
  • Easier stock and shipment handling with a unified delivery schedule

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