All in One

Use one instrument to perform the entire pretransfusion compatibility test procedure, from positive identification of the sample to reporting results.

  • The most compact fully automated instrument for pretransfusion testing using gel technology
  • Full automation of the sample procedure
  • Uses the same universal reagents across all the different Grifols platforms
  • Option to integrate LIS bidirectional communication


Manage testing and respond to any situation with minor user intervention.

  • Benchtop instrument ideal even for the smallest lab
  • Fast start-up time – only requires 4 minutes
  • Random positioning of samples and reagents
  • Automatic tube diameter detection


Deliver accurate results quickly and reduce the possibility of errors with standardized test processes and verification checks.

  • Unique simultaneous perforation and dispensing technology uses 100% of the card wells to avoid cross contamination
  • Minimum reaction time
  • Auto-detection of the probe impact, clot presence and recovery, card integrity check prior to processing samples, and an anti-dropping control system
  • Dilution station with auto-wash and anti-block system
  • Sample verification dispensing by imaging of the card wells
  • Continuous monitoring of reagents, diluents, and washing solutions
  • Robust hardware designed and entirely manufactured by Grifols


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