Blood Group Genotyping

Blood Typing: Blood Group Genotyping

Today, with extensive knowledge of blood group genotypes determining a patient or donors predicted phenotype is highly accurate by analyzing the polymorphisms in blood group genes. For your most complex cases genomic testing can provide a cost-effective extension to serological testing.

Whether you are looking for compatible platelet donors, predicting phenotypes unresolved by serology, Weak D patient subtyping, or overcome drug interference Grifols BLOODchip® Blood Group Genotyping (BGG) takes your safety and efficiency a step further.

Genotyping made easy with BLOODchip®

BLOODchip® ID gives your lab and easy, user-friendly streamlined workflow. With BLOODchip ID blood group genotyping results are ready in 4 hours with only 30 minutes hands-on time.  

Ready-to-use reagents with no washing steps BLOODchip® ID is easy for laboratory technicians of all levels. BLOODchip® ID reduces human error, with just 4 color coded reagent tubes and allows you to batch up to 96 samples at once or work in single sample workflows with no waste, while ID CORE XT, ID HPA XT and ID RHD XT can be performed in the same run giving you simultaneous analysis of different applications.

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BLOODchip® ID CORE XT predicts phenotypes that cannot be resolved by serology by analyzing polymorphisms of 37 blood group antigens of RHCE, Kell, Kidd, Duffy, MNS, Diego, Dombrock, Colton, Cartwright and Lutheran blood group systems. 

Manage chronically transfused patients by knowing the patient’s genotype for their lifespan with cost effective predicate phenotyping. It complements serology by giving you additional antigen identification and can work through pretransfusion testing of patients with monoclonal antibody therapies with ease. 

Improve management of rare antigen negative units and quickly find compatible donors for all immunized patients with this user-friendly workflow ready in 4 hours and requiring just 30 minutes of hands-on time.


Take your patient management of immune related platelet transfusion refractoriness further with BLOODchip® ID HPA XT. Human platelet antigen (HPA) genotyping assay. Molecular confirmation of HPA in donors and patients is easy with BLOODchip® ID HPA XT. Examine samples for 13 polymorphisms that determine 12 Human Platelet Antigens (HPA-1 through HPA-15) with one simple rapid test that requires 30 minutes of hands-on time with results in 4 hours.


With BLOODchip® ID RHD XT, detecting weak and partial D antigens is more efficient than ever. BLOODchip® ID RHD XT analyzes 7 polymorphisms that determine 6 RHD variants and HPA-1. With BLOODchip® RHD XT variant panel prediction of Weak D Type 1, 2, 3 as well as RHDPseudogene, RHD deletion and RHDDIIIa-CE(3-7)-D RhD negative types is a simple 4 hour test with 30 minutes hands on time.

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BLOODchip® ID software makes handling genotyping tests and result data easy with full management of positive and negative controls, performance statistics, raw data graphs all actions performed by users for auditing. When testing BIDS XT calculates pipette volume, plate configuration registration of test kit, and enzyme lot to simplify workflow.  

BIDS XT makes reporting user friendly with detailed reports available in multiple report formats (.xls, .pdf). Identifying phenotypes and genotypes is easy with BIDS XT as results are automatically generated with no user intervention needed. BIDS XT has a comprehensive multiple-search database with samples, clinical information and results just a click away.

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