Prioritize testing efficiency

Grifols Erytra manages throughput and turnaround time for you whether you are testing one sample or 96. The Erytra has an upright design that doesn’t require excessive space and moves samples, cards, and reagents seamlessly with self-organizing workflow.

Main benefits

Simplify manual testing

Test up to 48 Type and Screen assays and 60 complete ABO/Rh tests per hour with nonstop 4-hour walkaway autonomy.

Meet your lab’s demands

STAT samples are easily managed with the STAT access button for immediate sample loading and prioritization, maximizing autonomy and limiting required user intervention. 

Maximize your resources

Erytra’s efficient use of system resources with smart system software means all aspects of testing are managed without sacrificing system throughput or turnaround time.

Grifols Erytra

Meet challenging workloads without sacrificing throughput or turnaround time.

Fully automated systems erytra card 1



Fully automated systems erytra card 2
Fully automated systems erytra card 3
Fully automated systems erytra card 4


The Erytra empowers you to handle challenging workloads while optimizing throughput and performance.

Explore the Erytra

Drag the xray viewer over the instrument to learn more about how the Erytra is designed to improve your laboratory operations.

Product specifications

Erytra Eflexis

Main Features:

  • Compact, benchtop model. The transparent casing and simple internal organization provide a clear view of the internal processes.
  • Barcode identification of cards, samples and reagents
  • External touchscreen can be placed on either side of the instrument with user-friendly graphical interface
  • STAT functionality
  • Continuous sample and reagent loading
  • Bi-directional connectivity to LIS
Erytra Eflexis

Dimensions and weight

Height: 69 in (175.3 cm)

Width: 43 in (109.2 cm)

Depth: 28 in (71.1 cm)

Weight: Approx 772 lbs (350.2 kg)

Sample Station

Load Capacity: 96 tubes simultaneously

Loading system: 8 removable racks with 12 positions

Continously Sample loading: Yes

Emergency sample management: Yes

Positive sample identification: Yes

Number of probes: 2,able to pipette in parallel

Reagent Station

Reagent Positions: 54 positions

Reagent agitation: 36 positions

Reagent loading system: Through 4 removable racks in 2 independent continous access drawers

Positive reagent identification: Yes

Card station

Loading capacity: A maximum of 400 cards

Continous loading: Yes

Centrifuges and incubators

Number of centrifuges: 2 indepedent centrifuges

Centrifugal capacity: 12 cards per centrifuge (total 24 cards)

Centrifugation time: 9 minutes

Number of incubators: 4 independent incubators

Incubation temperatures: 24°C and 37°C (75°F and 95°F)

Reading station

Reading system: High-resolution color reading using a CCD camera

System and waste solution

System solutions:

  • Grifols Wash Solution A diluted for the fluidic system
  • Grifols Wash Solution B diluted for the fluidic system


  • 1 Container for Grifols Wash Solution A
  • 1 Container for Grifols Wash Solution B
  • 2 Containers for waste solutions
  • 1 Container for processed card disposal
  • Option to double the capacity of storing the volume of Grifols Wash Solution A and B with liquid waste drainage configuration activate

Electrical requirements

Voltage: 100-240 V

Frequency: 50-60 HZ

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