Erytra Eflexis

User friendly and powerful

Get the power you need for peaks volume and a performance analyzer to test complex cases all in a simple and compact benchtop analyzer. Optimize your testing to your needs with the user-friendly Erytra Eflexis that requires minimal staff management and maintenance.

Main Benefits

Simplify your testing

With Erytra Eflexis you get two systems in one with a flexible analyzer for complex testing and a testing solution that optimizes throughput.

More results in less time

Erytra Eflexis has shown shorter time to results in a series of workflow test while also demonstrating highly reproducible results. ¹, ²

Meet your lab’s demands

At your busiest times Erytra Eflexis allows you to process up-to 72 samples with 23 reagents, then for precision testing increase to 46 reagents while maintaining 48 sample capacity.

Automate processes

Erytra Eflexis allows you to continuously process samples without interruption with simple, load-and-go automation.

Maximize your resources

Minimal system management and maintenance means you can focus on optimizing testing instead of managing resources.

Less management required

Erytra Eflexis software manages all aspects of testing, eliminating the need to manage your instrument. Smart processing means samples are prioritized with the intelligent use of incubator and centrifuges.


1.     Roback et al. (2019) Performance and reliability of a benchtop automated instrument for transfusion testing: a comparative multicenter clinical study in the US population. TRANSFUSION 2019;9999;1–8
2.     Heu et al. (2021) Evaluation of the Grifols Erytra Eflexis Vs. Immucor Echo Lumena Transfusion Medicine, 2021, 61 S353A-154A

Grifols Erytra Eflexis

Meet your pretransfusion testing with power you need.

Fully automated systems Erytra Eflexis card 1



Fully automated systems Erytra Eflexis card 2
Fully automated systems Erytra Eflexis card 3
Fully automated systems Erytra Eflexis card 4

Erytra Eflexis

The Erytra Eflexis' excellent flexibility allows you to manage different lab situations while providing reliable results that contribute to patient safety.

Product specifications

Erytra Eflexis

Main Features:

  • Compact, benchtop model. The transparent casing and simple internal organization provide a clear view of the internal processes.
  • Barcode identification of cards, samples and reagents
  • External touchscreen can be placed on either side of the instrument with user-friendly graphical interface
  • STAT functionality
  • Continuous sample and reagent loading
  • Bi-directional connectivity to LIS
Erytra Eflexis

Dimensions and weight

Width: 43.3 in (110cm)-without monitor

Depth: 27.9 in (71 cm)

Height: 35.8 in (91 cm)

Weight: Approximately 381.4 lb(173 kg)


2 lab configuration option

For peak Hours:

  • 23 reagents (1 rack): 17 agitated, 5 non-agitated, 1 diluent
  • 72 samples: 3 racks * 2 holders * 12 Positions

For more comprehensive menu:

  • 46 reagents (1 rack): 17 agitated, 10 non-agitated, 2 diluents
  • 48 samples: 2 racks * 2 holders * 12 Positions

Up to 200 DG  Gel cards

Continously sample loading : Yes

Emergency sample management : Yes

Positive sample identification : Yes


Card station

Loading capacity: A maximum of 200 cards

Continous Loading: Yes

Centrifuges and incubators

Number of centrifuges: 2 centrifuges

Centrifugal capacity: 12 Cards per centrifuge

Centrifugation time: 9 minutes

Number of incubators: 3 independentincubators

Incubation temperatures: 24°C and 37°C (75°F and 99°F)

Reading Station

Reading system: High-resolution color reading using a CCD camera

System and waste solutions

Washing solutions

  • 6L Grifols Wash Solution A (extendable to 12L)*
  • 6L Grifols Wash Solution B (extendable to 12L)*
  • 12L waste solution*

*with optional direct drainage to laboratory

Electrical requirements

Electrical requirements

Voltage: 100-240 V

Frequency: 50-60 HZ

Input power: 600 W

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