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Erytra Eflexis Overview


Make daily work easier with a smart and compact design that adapts to lab workflows.

  • For variable lab configurations, combine Erytra with Erytra Eflexis using the same software and sample holders
  • Option to connect Erytra and Erytra Eflexis units as a network with remote access for results validation and after-sales support via LIS bi-directional connectivity
  • Universal reagents are always used across the different Grifols platforms


Get highly flexible performance for multiple lab configurations.

  • Automatic tube size and diameter recognition
  • Tailored worksheet
  • Integrated quality control program
  • Continuous loading of samples and reagents without any interruption to the analytical process
  • STAT management
  • Random position for reagents, cards, and samples, and handled with the same Erytra sample holders that are used by all DG systems
  • Incubators designed to work independently

Easy to Use

Minimize operator interaction with a user-friendly experience and a smart, compact design with easy internal organization.

  • Interact with an external touchscreen, which can be placed on either side of the instrument for optimal use of lab space
  • Coupled with Erytra software which requires minimal training
  • Real-time information about the reagent and sample status
  • High-definition coloring for results revisions
  • Innovative containers easily load and unload washing solutions and waste with very little user interaction and minimal maintenance
  • Unique simultaneous perforation and dispensing technology uses 100% of the card wells and prevents cross contamination

High Quality

Trust Grifols experience developing and manufacturing fully automated immunohematology instruments.

  • Including high quality international service and support


Keep data fully secure with controlled access and automated backups.

  • System access is password controlled
  • Entire process and results are fully traceable
  • Specific roles can be configured for each user with different permissions
  • Automatic database back-up function
  • Quality control checking at different steps of the test procedure
  • Dedicated management of the quality control results

Diagnostics Disclaimer

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.